The Federation of Children’s Book Groups promotesNational Non-Fiction November, starting on the first Thursday of November. It is a great initiative to reflect or introduce all to the power of non-fiction, to inspire children to gain information, and to celebrate readers who have a passion for information and facts. Reading non-fiction together, be it about nature, history, science, or biography and discovery, is a great way to stimulate discussion and debate. Each year the FCBG selects a theme for National Non-Fiction November.

The theme for 2022 is Communication. ‘Humans have the unique ability to communicate through spoken and written language. Our amazing ingenuity and creativity have also resulted in the development of a wide range of other ways to communicate, from hieroglyphics and emojis to sign language and secret codes. Below are 10 books that demonstrate the diversity of the list across subject areas and genres.

Early communication: With…

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